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ODIN Webinar Series: The digital transformation in healthcare: Interoperability, platforms and data spaces
The development of digital solutions in health is currently experiencing a very strong acceleration with the broad multiplication of applications. Algorithmic medicine has already become a reality and will become increasingly important in the years to come. Despite the potential benefits of AI in the field of health, there are a number of elements which should be taken into account and which should be integrated because these innovations to be established in society).
The health sector stands to be one of the major beneficiaries, both in terms of logistics and in terms of healthcare management. Data-driven technologies form the basis of the digital healthcare revolution provide potentially important opportunities to deliver improvements in individual care and to advance innovation in the hospitals of the future. There are still many challenges to obtain full benefits, such as the access to data, regulations specifically set up for AI in healthcare, technical issues associated with the complexity of AI algorithms, and unresolved legal and ethical questions. The European Health Data Space is now a proposal for regulation that will change the way health data (patients’ access, primary and secondary usage) and therefore healthcare is going to be created, exchanged, and exploited, towards the creation of a new generation of digital health services in research and in clinical practices, in personalized medicine, disease management and prevention. In this regard, technological and institutional infrastructures, quality of data, interoperability, capacities, and skills are the main pillars where the EHDS is being defined. Flagship projects, initiatives and use cases are needed to prove the capacities of national and regional healthcare systems to contribute to these challenging goals. In this session we are going to see different perspectives from outstanding stakeholders from European institution, regional healthcare services and healthcare information system industry

Sep 29, 2022 01:00 PM in Madrid

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